WP11: DIY Sponge Art work



Hey, this week I will be showing you how to make yet another piece of art work. This one is going to be a cool sponge art piece.

What you are going to need:

  • Any color of paint you want. ( I used colors to make a beach )
  • Blank canvas
  • A sponge
  • Paper Plate (optional)
  • Scissors

Step 1: First you are going to open your paint and mix them on the plate until you get your desired color.

Step 2: Once you have all the colors you want, you need to to cut up your sponge.

Step 3: Dip your sponge into your paint and dab the sponge onto the canvas.

Step 4: Make any design you want, I personally think it looks good as a beach.

I hope you enjoyed my last weekly post!

WP10: Fun in the Sun Social


This Wednesday at my school we had a social. The theme was fun in the sun. This was the first water social in like 3 years because we have been in a drought. In order to get into the social students at my school had to pay $5 for a wristband.

Since I am in leadership, I had to come up with a game and work it. The game that my committee and I can up wit was skee ball. We had 2 shifts, the first shift was 12:30-1:30 and the second shift was 1:30-2:30. I worked the first shift of my game. After I worked my game, I went to go help my friend work the music system.

Up on the stage we had a teacher dump tank. Students could pay $1 to have 3 chances to get a giant water balloon popped on a teacher’s head. That was super fun, a lot of students payed money to do this. We also had a slip n slide. I didn’t get a chance to go on this but so many people told me it was super fun and they got soaked.

We had so much cool games, I can;t remember them all but there was beach volleyball, a bunch of water games and a ton of games with water balloons. I only played a couple games because I was working a lot of the social but the games I did get to play were really fun.

This social was the fourth one I have been to and by far my favorite. I never thought I would like a water social but I ended up loving it!

SBC 10: Blog Audit

  • I have wrote a total of 26 posts.
  • 17 of them were school based and 9 of them were set by the challenge.
  • I have have received 17 comments from classmates, teachers, or overseas students.
  • The post that received the most comments was my About Me post. I think this happened because it is an easy post to comment on because it is pretty easy to comment on.
  • The post I enjoyed writing the most was my post about CASL because I just had an amazing time there and it was great being able to write all about it.
  • No, I did not change blog themes.
  • I have 9 widgets and I think it is a good number to start out at but I definitely want a couple more.
  • I have 3 overseas student on my blog roll.
  • I used Sway and Revolver Maps.

WP9- DIY String Art


Welcome back to my blog, this post will be telling you how to make cool DIY string art.

What you will need:

  1. A cork board or a wood board.
  2. Whatever colors of embroidery thread
  3. linoleum nails
  4. hot glue gun
  5. Velcro  hanging strips.
  6. the template of what design you are making (optional)

Step 1: Center your template out on your cork board.  I decided there was too much cork at this point and wanted to trim away a few inches from the top and bottom.


Step 2: At this point you’ll want to flip the entire canvas over and apply your hanging strips.   Do this now so that you don’t have to deal with it once all your nails are in.

Step 3: Center your template and tape it down.

Step 4: Begin outlining your template or whatever your image is going to be. Insert your nails into your cork board. Trace the inside of your template by pushing your nails right thru your paper.

Step 5: When you’ve traced the entire template, carefully remove the paper.  Work slowly and you’re nails will stay in place.

Step 6: Now it is time to start stringing! Start with any color of your choice and tie the string onto the nail. After doing that, just start weaving in a back and forth direction. If you don’t like the way a certain section looks, unwind and do it again.  It’s very forgiving!

Step 7: Once you are done hang it up any where in your house!

I hope you liked this DIY and I hope you love your finished project once you are done!

Blog post comments

Zoe Online is a blog filled with some cool posts all about books. This blog also has some poems and class posts. The post I commented on was My Best Friend.

Keisha’s Blog is a blog with cool horoscopes and conspiracy theories. It even has a fun jigsaw puzzle you can do. I loved the look of this blog, her headboard was a picture of old sparkles. The post I commented on was Disney Conspiracy Theories.

Phone + Phoebe= happy is a cool blog that has some fun recipes, and some posts all about her. The post I commented on was titled Nutella Swirl.

SBC7- Negative Digital Footprint or No Digital Footprint at All

So, is it better to have a negative digital footprint or none at all? Well, lets look at the facts. If you had a negative digital footprint that would mean at least you have a file and people know who you are. Also, if you had a digital footprint you would be making a bigger impact on the digital environment. If you have a negative digital footprint at least you have something on the internet, even if it is embarrassing, at least you have something. Now lets look at all the facts about having no digital footprint. If you have no digital footprint then no one can find anything bad about you on the internet. No one can have anything against you when it comes to your footprint. You also can’t be traced by your footprint. Whenever you sign onto anything, you become accessible to track. If you have a footprint then anyone can see whatever is on your footprint even people you don’t know.

SBC7- Digital Footprints Comparison

After watching 2 videos about digital footprints, I saw some similarities and differences. Some similarities were that they both talked about how anyone can see anything and everything you post or do on a computer. 2 differences were that one of them had no sound & the other one did & one gives an example of how much you can have in your digital dossier. I liked the second video better because it gives you examples about how much stuff they have under your file.

SBC6- Which do you like Better?




So, for my post this week I decided I wanted to compare and contrast cheetahs and leopards. So what is the difference between the two? This maybe isn’t a question you ask yourself everyday, but now it’s stuck in your head. Well, I’ve done my research and I think I can answer your question.

First I wanted to start off with their similarities between the two animals. Well the main similarity between the two is that they are both members of the cat family. Another thing they have in common is that they both catch they same prey. Both are carnivores and since they both have spotted fur, they use it to camouflage themselves while they hunt their prey. The most striking fact between the two species is they almost have the same geographic range. It spans from South-America and some parts of Asia.

Now that we know all their similarities, we can find out all their differences. Cheetahs are a lot faster than leopards. Cheetahs can reach up to 70 mph and leopards can only go 40 mph. Even though they are both apart of the Felidae family, they are classified into different genera. The cheetah belongs to genus Acrimony, it is the lone extant member of this genus. Leopards are a part of the Panthera genus. This genus also includes four big cats – lions, tigers, jaguars, and the snow leopards. The closest relative of the cheetah is the puma. The closest relative to the leopard is a tiger, not a snow leopard. Another major difference between a cheetah and a leopard is that the the patterns on their coats are different. The cheetah has smaller, fuller spots, while the leopard has relatively large black spots or patches with a brown part in the middle. These patches are known as rosettes. Also, a cheetah is more tan while a leopard is yellow.  The last difference I found between the two was that cheetahs purr or whelp instead of roaring. Leopards, one the other hand, can roar, growl, and even grunt.

Well, I hope I answered your burning question on what the difference between the two species are. So, after reading all of this, I need you to answer 1 question, which do you like better? Cheetahs or leopards. I hope to see your answers in the comments!



Today’s post is all about CASL! You may be asking yourself, what even is CASL? Well it stands for California Association of Student Leaders. It is a leadership conference that was in Northern California this past year. The theme of the conference was “inside the CASL newsroom”  The conference is a three day thing.

We left on Thursday and then we came back on Saturday. On Thursday we had 1 general session. Those are things where all the students go into one room and hear a motivational speaker. This particular session was my favorite. The speaker was Huston Kraft. On this day we also had 2 workshops. This is where we can learn about a specific subject. You can pick which workshop you want to go to.After this we had an editing room, this is when you meet with a couple other school and you learn about a certain thing. The thing that we learned about was advocacy. After the editing room we had dinner and then a dance! The dance was super fun and I was able to make a ton of new friends.

One the second day of CASL we started off the day with 2 more workshops. The ones I went to were really cool. Then we went to Meet the Pros! I was super excited for Meet the Pros. Meet the Pros or Meet the Professionals is when students will do a presentation about something they do at their school and other students will listen. I got to listen to three different presentations. This day was basically almost the same as the first but instead of a dance at night, we went to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. The last day was a lot alike the first two days but it was only a half day. We got back home and it was all over. CASL was an amazing experience and this weekend is definitely one I will never forget.

SBC5: Culture and Family


Today’s post will be all about my family and culture. My family is from mainly from Mexico and Panama. My dad was actually born in Panama city, Panama, so he is full blooded Panamanian. He lived in Panama until he was about 8 or 9. He was adopted by his grandparents and then moved to Porto Rico. That is how he became an American citizen. He then moved to San Diego with his dad when he was about 20. After living in San Diego for about a year, he joined the navy. Something that my dad told me was “You are first generation american on my side of the family.” I thought that this was very cool.


One family tradition that my family does is on every one of my sister’s birthdays or my birthday my grandma on my dad’s side will call us. Since my grandma lives all the way in Panama, she can’t see us on all of our birthdays every year. So she will call who ever’s birthday is that day at about 6:00 in the morning because of the time difference. This is something very special to me because I don’t get to see her that often. Well I hope you enjoyed this post about my family and heritage!